Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go to Beauty School with No GED?

Our beauty school has no GED requirement necessary for our cosmetology, nail tech, esthetician, hairstyling, or smaller courses. The only course with a GED requirement is our beauty school instructor course.

Can you go to Beauty School while in High School?

If you’re a highschooler wanting to start your career early, you can apply with some restrictions. As long as you have the equivalent to a 10th grade or sophomore education level, we can accept you into our program.

Which classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of different courses that prepare you to receive your beauty license. Alternatively, we also have smaller courses where you can get a certificate in specific areas. A list of all of our courses can be found here

Which documents will I need to present? 

When applying to the school, we require a valid ID and citizenship status documents. Any documentation you have of any previous cosmetology school attended.

What if I have previous beauty school credit hours?

If you were previously enrolled in a beauty school, you can receive credit for those hours by submitting school transcripts that reflect your educational experience. Not all credit hours are guaranteed to be accepted. For instance, nail technology hours would not apply if the program you’re applying to is hairstyling. However, they may be applicable if you were applying for the cosmetology course. All credited hours credited are at the administration’s discretion. 

My documents are foreign, will I be able to apply?

If documents presented are in English, the documents can be accepted as is. If documents are in another language, the applicant will be required to have their documents translated into English. If you need information on where to translate your documents, please reach out to the administration office. 

What If I Want to Transfer to Mima’s Beauty College?

Mima’s Beauty College does not recruit or accept students who are currently enrolled in another beauty school in Arizona. Currently, any applicant must have not been enrolled at another beauty school for at least 14 days before being eligible to apply. 

I am reapplying, will my hours still count?

Generally, any hours previously earned while enrolled at Mima’s Beauty College are kept on record and are applied once you reenter the program. However, there are some certain circumstances where you may not receive credit hours such as but not limited to: expulsion, reapplying two (2) years after the last time enrolled at the school, or not meeting educational requirements