Bilingual Beauty Programs

Mima’s Beauty College is a beauty school where we offer a variety of different beauty programs for all different kinds of students. In addition, all of our classes are able to be taken in Spanish or English. Importantly, you learn in an environment that pushes you to learn both languages.

Cosmetology Course

A student being instructed in her beauty program of cosmetology.

For students who love everything about the beauty industry, this course is the one for you. You will learn all the skills in the nail technology, hairstyling and aesthetics fields. Great course for those that have a hard time sticking to one subject and like to be learning something new every day. Read more

Esthetician Course

An esthetician student in her beauty program of esthetics practicing a facial

If you are obsessed with everything that has to do with skin care, this program will teach you everything you have to know. If you’ve had problematic skin in the past and want to help others achieve their best self this is the program, for you. Skin care is all about learning about each client individually and guiding them to the perfect routine. Read more

Beauty Programs Instructor Course

Our instructor Maggie, posing for a picture in her school.

In our instructor course, you will learn how to mold and lead the next generation of beauticians. You will develop skillsets that allow for effective teaching and increase your career opportunities. If you enjoyed the learning aspect of beauty school, you would love being able to impart that on your students. Read more

Admissions For Our Beauty Programs

To see the requirements to be able to attend beauty school on our Admissions Page