Our Beauty School

Mima’s Beauty College is a beauty school in Phoenix, Arizona. Our teachers have over 30 years guiding students to reach their goals. Beauty school is a great way to improve your life. It is rewarding, but it can be hard to go to school. Mima’s is dedicated to helping those who think it is too hard to succeed. Whether you are a parent, work full time, or did not finish school – we are here for you.

We know how difficult it is to follow your dreams. Let us help you, we know what it takes! If you can only go to school one day, a couple hours, need flexible payments, we can help you! Do not give up on your dreams. Fill out our contact form below and start today!

Going to beauty school opens opportunities for your life. We have many beauty courses for every kind of person. If you want to learn everything or specialize in one subject, find the program for you.

Our founder, Maggie Serrano at her beauty school.

Our Mission

Our school started with the goal to give all of our students the ability to create their own business. To create a generation of people who will not only be workers, but entrepreneurs. Teach the skill we have found and give them to our community.

Our Community

Students performing beauty services at an event helping people without housing.

Community Services

Here at Mima’s Beauty College we care about being part of the community. We partner with different Arizona organizations and non-profits to give haircuts to vulnerable communities. We bring our talents and resources to you.

A student showing off her haircut at an event

Client Services

To train our students, they are always looking for someone to model for them. If you are looking to have a service performed on you, we always have low-cost services. Get a great discount and help a student refine their talents. All of our services are done with a licensed instructor present.

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